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Treating chemtrail Flu pathogens, Serracia Marcescens, Stretomyces & Molds, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and illegal pesticide Ethylene di-bromide.

I ran JW's killing remote, dual MN, for the pathogens listed and a mold spectrum sweep for 4 cycles. Simultaneously, broadcasting from dual BN remotes under JW's Healing remote, I executed colloidal Silver & Gold scalar, Detox Lymphs for 4 cycles, and ran a SOTA blood zapper for an hour or so.

Rhinitis symptoms gone (nasal drip, sneezing, etc), Bronchial/Chest congestion release cleared my lungs (better than any OTC expectorant!) - I can breathe at full capacity. Also, thanks John Kane for your comments - sources tell the latest assault concentrated efforts along US - Canada borders, so we got a direct hit.

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