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Can I use a white Spooky2 Remote v1.1 on MN output?

The short answer is no.

The wiring of the MN port is 100% the opposite of the BN port. Meaning that when a waveform goes positive, the result on the MN port is that it too will go positive. On the BN port, the signal will swing negative.

This is to align the polarity to the field bias of the Remote. The black (MN) remote has a positive field bias, while the white (BN) remote has a negative field bias.

Another way to represent this is that when we want to increase the amplitude of a waveform for the white (BN) Remote, we want to increase its already negative field bias by making it even more negative.

The long answer is, you surely can still plug the white (BN) Remote into the MN port. However, results will not be what you may wish for given the unmatched signal to field bias setup this would entail.

The MN, BN, and CS are ports that combine the outputs of Out 1 and Out 2. You do not need to wire to both to gain the benefits of mixing the signals of both outputs.

If you did not have a boost, then you could wire a white (BN) Remote to both Out 1 and Out 2. You would want to check the invert waveform box as well to match the operation of the white (BN) Remote to how it behaves when on the boost.

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