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What exactly is the default program time for each frequency? I thought it is 180 seconds or 3 minutes. However, for Colloidal silver, the Dwell is 60 seconds.

The default dwell of a frequency is defined in the frequency set. The very last # is the default dwell. All dwells are in seconds, not minutes.

So if our frequency set is say:


We are going to use 180 seconds for each of those frequencies.

The default dwell does not show up in the frequency set list box. It is contained in the database, and my example above is somewhat simplified from the actual database format.

If I were to say have the following:


The frequency of 134 would run for 500 seconds, 6334 would run for the default dwell of 300, etc...

Generally frequencies are recorded with 180 seconds (3 minutes) as their default dwell to match what is known as a good dwell time for contact mode.

Some like detox frequencies have a default dwell of 78 seconds.

When you use the dwell multiplier, you can change the overall runtime of a frequency set without having to modify the database or create a new frequency set with a new dwell encoded.

One way to get an idea of how long the dwell is for something is to set the dwell multiplier to 1, and then start the program.

You will note that the area below the frequency list shows a bar status and below this a counter (representing the transpired time in seconds).

The number to the right of the bar is that frequencies dwell time.

Colloidal Silver uses 5=60, meaning that the frequency is broadcasted for 60 seconds as the default. With a dwell multiplier of 60, we are extending this to 3600 seconds, or one hour.

You can then set the repeat program = to the # of hours you wish for it to run.

For more details, please check the link:

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