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Suggestion for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in child.

Sign up and watch Ty Bollinger's Truth About Cancer series. It is free.

If you ask some can help you download it for future viewing but, that may not be Kosher for many.

AND if not signed up for Mike Adam's "Health Ranger" reports, do so.

I do NOT agree 100% with him but, IMHO he is the BEST alternative news source you will find.

USE YOUR INTUITION on whether it is Truth or not.
We ALL need to let that still small voice guide us instead of letting those Profiteers Persuade us.

Ty will try to get you to purchase the DVDs and they are worth it. There is Nothing wrong with being paid for ones efforts.
He does have a family to feed.

Expecting Spooky to perform a "Miracle" when it is used as a "last resort" attempt is folly.
Spooky CAN help but, one can't expect to have a ravaged body from Chemo and Radiation and expect the Magic Bullet.

That is unfair IMHO.
Spooky might do wonders if it is used INITIALLY and NOT as a last attempt.

To get well, please take steps to look for solutions "outside the box."
Radionics, Reiki, massage, PEMF, RIFE, Laser, Magnetics,etc

Take time to step back and hit the PAUSE button on your search for help to get your child well.

Where does the money go.
This "War on Cancer" has been going on since Nixon pronounced it!
Just buy a few more Pink ribbons and we will find a cure.
Same for "Jerry's Kids."

You notice he is no where to be found?
Rumor is, he found a cure and told those in charge of his telethon and they dismissed him for threatening to exposed their charade.
Ask a veteranarian if their animals have MD and they laugh as selenium prevents it.

May you find the strength to continue, and the knowledge to discern "RIGHT from wrong" advice on how to treat the child.

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