My father is being treated with chemotherapy for prostate cancer. But now when he also has been diagnosed with shingles, he is in such pain that he's open for spooky. Can I start with just treating the shingles, to take away the pain?

To help with the Shingles you may try frequencies for Herpes virus type 2 and 3 from this file:

To save the file:
copy file (save attachment) into C:\Spooky2 directory.

To use this file (frequencies):
--> from menu "Database"
--> click "Select Database File"
--> click/select file: XM_Herpes_Zoster.csv , and [Open] it.

9 lines (freq. sets) are shown (top, left). I have added dashed "separator" line: disregard it / don't select it, it just serves as a visual indicator for the end of this file / freq. sets.

If you also have Custom.csv file (in your C:\Spooky2 directory), the frequency sets from your Custom.csv file will be appended (below that 'separator' line).

To revert back to Spooky's main database:
--> from menu "Database"
--> click "Select Database File"
--> click/select the name: 'Frequencies.csv' and [Open] it.

Use one of the advanced waveforms. For simple waveforms, set Wave C. Multiplier X = 2.

As for the prostate cancer, you may try freq.sets from this file (in addition to the frequencies from Spooky database):

To save the file:
copy file (save attachment) into C:\Spooky2 directory.

This file contains freq.sets for possible causative agents (pathogens found in prostate cancer cases).

Propionibacterium was found to be a common cause of many prostate cancers.
There are also studies that link several viruses to prostate cancer (and prostatitis) as well: BK and JC virus, Human papillomavirus, Herpes virus 5 (Cytomegalovirus) and 8.

If you would chase down (go after) those pathogens, then it is recommended to run those freq.sets in the listed order.

When dealing with the prostate cancer it is also important to remove Bisphenol A and phthalates from the body, so freq.set for that is included.

Use e.g. Square H-Bomb and Square Damped waves. For simple waveforms, set Wave C. Multiplier X = 2.

You may apply Holland effect: F2 = F1 x 11 Hz / ( * ) Add F1 to F2.

There's a story about that guy who got rid himself of his stage 4 prostate cancer with the mixture of maple syrup (molasses works as well) and sodium bicarbonate (3 volume parts of syrup/molasses and 1 volume part soda). Heated and stirred on low heat for 5 minutes. When kept in a fridge the mixture may last for 3-4 days. I think his dosage was 1 tablespoon, 3 times daily (shaken or stirred before use). It's also useful as a preventive.

For more details, please check the link:

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