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What does the Hz gate setting do?

When you enable a gate by checking Out 1 and/or Out 2 to the left of the x Hz Gate, the x Hz Gate specifies the rate by which the gate operates at.

Since a gate is turning on and off the frequency (by toggling the amplitude), if you set an 8 Hz gate, then it will turn on and off 8 times a second.

The other aspect of this setting is what we call the refresh rate which will be twice the gate rate.

The refresh rate dictates the speed by which wobbles, feathers, and sweeps progress at. This is independent of whether you have a gate enabled for either output.

Example: Set the x Hz Gate to 16.

Now the refresh rate is 32 Hz, or 32 changes per second. If I enable a Fibonacci 15 Stage Wobble, it will change the frequency 32 times a second.

If I also enable the gate on Out 1, then it will turn Out 1 on and off 16 times a second.

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