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If I connect one red alligator clip to a metallic rod, connect the black alligator clip to the other end of the same metallic rod with a clear continuity between them (in contact mode). Would that cause a short in the generator?

https://vimeo.com/115777315 gives:
"The Spooky2-XM generator has been carefully designed to be immensely robust, and can handle continuous short circuits without complaint."

So far, I have not found any documentation that says you should not do this.

However, my interpretation is that while the XM5 is said to be resilient and tolerant to a short-circuit its not designed to work that way; ie. It may no longer function as a frequency generator. I would suggest to contact Echo just in case this will void your warranty.

The next best thing are the contact-mode DNA holders; these are not as quick-acting as the remote; or the remote with magnet; but they do work & may still have applications for experimenters:

For more details, please check the link:

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