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I've bought 4 generators for the cancer program, can anyone please advice me if I should be able to just select the terrain and cancer program and get on with it or should I read the manual cover to cover first?

Terrain in Appendix A is a great place to get started and get familiar with Spooky2 while performing a great detox that will prepare the body well for future treatments.

If you want to go for a more detailed and lenghty Terrain Detox making use of all 4 generators, then try Phase 1 of the Morgellons Protocol which can be found on the same page you downloaded the software from.

Working with the software as you read the manual will allow you to put the information contained within into a working framework that will speed your learning curve.

Once you get the basics down and complete the terrain, you will be in a great position to tackle applying the cancer protocols, and the body will also be in a better position to respond to them as well.

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