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I have Spooky2 Central and two generators. Is it wise to do a detox first?

It is a great way to get started. Matter of fact, the Terrain Protocol is a comprehensive and ordered detox protocol that takes the guesswork out of what to run and in what order.

You can find this information in Appendix A of the user guide, as preconfigured presets on the download page (http://www.spooky2.com/downloadsPage/), or as the more comprehensive version of Phase 1 of the Morgellons protocol, also available on the download page.

As the Terrain Protocol is configured to run via remote, it has many repetitive loops as specified by Repeat Program = 120 (when shown like this).

If you are going to run the Terrain Protocol via the Spooky2 Central, use the JW - Spooky Central Low Frequencies (Beat Frequencies) preset, and run the specified frequency sets from Appendix A. This version has been organized for a single generator, for which your Spooky2 Central can handle. You may wish to adjust the runtimes as remotes require repeats, but the Spooky2 Central can get away with one or two loops per day.

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