Could someone please post a step by step method with perhaps a screenshot of the settings used to go beyond the 5Mhz limit capability of the 5Mhz generator unit?

The Frequency Multiplier option multiplies every freq in a set by the number you choose, but this is done always inside the generator's limits. If you set a Freq Multiplier of 5, and your set has a freq of 2MHz, you are not transmitting 10MHz. What you transmit is the highest octal, or scalar, or hex Harmonic below the gen's limit.

To transmit a freq of, lets say 16MHz, you have to use the Wave Cycle Multiplier. This parameter composes a waveform with the specified number of subwaves, so if you set a WCM of 5, each waveform is composed by 5 subwaves, and the generator produces 5 times the frequency. Then in Spooky2 you can see a freq of 16 MHz, and in the generator you can see a freq of 3,200,000 Hz, but he's sending 5 times that freq, that is 16,000,000Hz.

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