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As far as imam aware Rife machine uses technology that transfers the frequency through contact or remote without audio frequencies. I thought Rife used both audio and radio frequencies?

No doubt you've read about Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's AMA-supervised and Smithsonian-documented 100% cure of 16 terminal cancer and TB patients in the early 1930s. What you won't have read about, however, is the fact that the machine he used to achieve this was radically different from what you can buy today.

Although Rife was an undoubted genius, he was not a worldly man, and he made some serious misjudgments in the years that came after. Perhaps the most damaging was his decision to employ Philip Hoyland, a radio engineer. When the time came to commercialize the technology, Hoyland decided to hide Dr. Rife's frequencies from potential competitors by generating them using a fixed carrier frequency which was modulated by audio frequencies to produce multiple "sidebands."

While these Hoyland machines did produce some very useful results, they were never able to replicate Dr. Rife's spectacular initial successes with diseases that really matter.

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