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My dog has Sarcoptic Mange and Cushings Syndrome. My cat has herniated disc and sciatic nerve pain. Should I be using MN Remote as well? If so, what additional settings should be applied?

If you are uding on 2 different generators, then yes. If it is from one generator, then not at the same time. You can either use the white (BN) remote on the BN port, or the black (MN) remote on the MN port. To connect both at the same time would result in the boosted power being split back again in half between both remotes. Also, the polarity field bias of each remote is the opposite of each other, and the waveform that is played via the remote is also the reverse from each other.

Note: Some are actually experimenting with this configuration to validate if there is any value in doing so, so you may see references to this type of setup in other posts. However, from a standardized approach, it currently is not recommended.

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