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I am doing the Morgellons Protocol and I am on Phase II. Something is too strong and I wonder can I pause it and change a setting and return to continue?

When you open the control panel for a Channel that's running, look beneath the list of frequencies and you'll see two numbers like this:


These tell you that the Channel is currently transmitting the 17th frequency of 456 loaded. Note down that first number, then stop the Channel. Click the wavy line box to close the panel so you can modify the settings, and make your edit. Then click Allow Channel Overwrites, open the Channel again, and click Start.

When the generator starts running, scroll down the list of frequencies and double click one of them. Check the number beneath the list to see how close to your target 17 you are. Keep double clicking until you find it. Then close the panel using the X box.

Now you're back where you left off.

For more details, please check the link:

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