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I have influenza. I have quite a fever ever since and headache that made my vision worst. I run spooky on cold, flu, influenza - everything. On remote and contact - and not even a tiny bit better. Any advice if I should try something else?

Since the frequencies of the sets you tried do not seem to be affecting what ails you, and without the ability to run a biofeedback scan to start finding frequencies that may help, the last option to try is a spectrum sweep.

The spectrum sweep targets everything from 1Hz to 3.2 MHz so it is going to hit everything. The side effect of targeting everything is that you will also lower your good flora as they too will be targeted. This is why it is good to try targeted programs before resorting to a spectrum sweep.

However, when we are not sure what we need to target, it can be beneficial to hit everything. While you do so, try to replenish your good flora by eating the right foods.

Try the Spooky Spectrum Sweep on a white (BN) remote behind a boost. Let it run for a few days. Hopefully after one pass (takes about 4 hours for one loop) you will start to feel better.

While you have the Spectrum Sweep running, make sure to have a good detox program going at the same time on a second generator.

To configure the Spectrum Sweep properly, you will need to make your screen look like this:

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