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I have a chronic fatigue, pain condition suspected fibromyalgia and Candida. I want to do the terrain protocol followed by the doug protocol. Should I just treat the Candida? I am also interested in the Budwig diet for Candida and/or chronic fatigue.

I would start with the Terrain Protocol. It is important to get basic function under control prior to trying to kill a bunch of organisms.

I haven't researched the Budwig diet, but a whole foods diet, with emphasis on low-lectin foods and probiotics for your blood type would be helpful to assist in restoring good bacteria levels and healing your gut.

You should change diet to a good diet immediately. There is no reason to continue to eat a "garbage" diet, much less when you are trying to heal.

And since you mentioned candida. I'd really urge you to eat some plain yogurt (no added sugars, fruits) to which you add some cinnamon: Cinnamon helps to stabilize blood sugar.

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