What is your setting for Detox Maintenance? Square H Bomb, Inv+Sync, Octal?

I use the following parameters for my Detox Maintenance Preset:

Square H Bomb: Spooky Boost + White (BN) Remote
Using 20v Amplitude = Spikes at 20v. Nominal Amplitude = 5v

Frequency Multiplier=1, Repeat Every Freq = 1, Repeat Each Set = 1, Repeat Program = 0, Dwell Multiplier = 1, Offset = 0, Phase Angle = 0
Frequency Limits = 0, Harmonic Type = Hex (This settings is not in use, so Octal is also fine)
No Wobbles, Frequencies Directly and Not sorted.
Amplitude Ramp = 0, No Gate, Reduce Amplitude Unchecked
Skip Concurrent Duplicate Freq Enabled, Remove Duplicate Frequencies Not Enabled
Square H Bomb (16,0,2), Inverse+Sync
No additional harmonics (Add F1 to F2 Unchecked)

For more details, please check the link:

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