What is the optimal Lyme disease pulse scan method?

The full-range scan detailed in the Spooky2 User's Guide will scan from 76,000Hz to 152,000Hz, which takes in the full Rife/Clark range when harmonics are taken into account. I've found Lyme pathogens many times with this scan. They are stealthy though, and may require multiple repeated scans.

I've programmed your range and calculated the optimum step size - appended below.

The estimated time for this scan is 38 minutes, but with a BPM of circa 50, this will take about 50.

The full-range scan takes 63 minutes, and the Step Size is 20.

Most people use Remote Mode to input the frequencies. That way, you only have the fingerclip to think about. If you feel you must use Contact Mode, use the Extended Cable. This allows a greater distance between the hand cylinders, so it's possible to lie down with your hands by your sides comfortably. If you only have the standard cable that came with the generator, you can lie on your back and rest your hands on your chest or abdomen. Or you could use TENS pads.

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