Do we need to convert DNA frequencies for Plasma?

Since Char Boehm's DNA frequencies are in the low range and Plasma works effectively on high frequencies, would it not be preferable to convert the original DNA frequencies to the higher octaves using the frequency octave calculator provided and then use the "Spooky Central" preset (for the new higher frequencies) instead of the "Spooky Central low frequencies" preset?

A: The Spooky2 Central Preset currently uses Decade harmonics to raise low frequencies to higher ones. Experiments have shown this to be very effective, since 2 factors of 10 (2 and 5) are both Fibonacci harmonics. The Preset for all of Char's frequencies uses Octaves to raise the frequencies closer to the fundamental. No Frequency Octave Calculator is necessary since Spooky2 does this on the fly.

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