Running Detox 4, would only make herx worse, correct? Just bring out more toxins? Also, do you think it could make the symptoms of a UTI worse? 

No. The detox programs aren't going to bring out more toxins. They are already out, aka in your body. The detox programs are supposed to help your body get rid of the toxins. It would be the other programs you are running, aka any killing programs, that would be killing off virus and such that would be adding toxins to your body.

Having said that, it could be that the detox programs are pushing your body to get rid of the toxins faster than your body currently can handle leading to herxing. Or one other possibility it could be is that your body just had a lot of toxins stored in your body and the detox programs having dislodged the stored toxins thus having the affect of "Just bring out more toxins".

I'm not familiar with a UTI, but in general a rife system should not make the symptoms of something worse. Things could appear to be worse off if the symptoms are similar to the symptoms of a herx.

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