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Can the Spooky2 Central plasma tube version emit multiple simultaneous frequencies?

Spooky2 does have a way with Spooky2 Central/Plasma to run multiple frequencies at once. This is in the context of a Spectrum Sweep. You specify a range of frequencies you want the sweep to run and the number of simultaneous frequencies you want to be sweeping that range.

You can specify 100 frequencies, or even more, but what happens is the power of the plasma is divided by each of the frequencies you choose to simultaneously use. So if you choose 100 frequencies, each one will be 1/100th the strength of a sweep with just 1 frequency at a time.

What Spooky2 Central cannot do is to run 8 specific frequencies simultaneously with 1 XM generator. You can run 2 frequencies—one out of Out1 and one out of Out2. Like with the Spectrum sweep, the power is divided by the number of simultaneous frequencies, in this case, Multiple frequency hits like other Rife machines claim aren't delivering the power in a focused manner.

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