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Does Spooky Central cause any Herx? Can I sleep in the plasma field?

Caution must always be taken when using any Rife machine. Spooky2 Central is no different. The presets for Spooky2 Central are designed to give a single treatment and then stop. The plasma field will stop whilst you sleep.

People who experience a "Herx" are often reacting to a strong, fixed frequency field being applied to their body. This is the "carrier". We call this reaction "Frequency Poisoning." Spooky2 Central does not use a fixed carrier so users do not usually experience a "Herx" during its use. If they have a high pathogenic burden we recommend they start with short programs to give their bodies time to expel the toxins released during treatment. Overnight treatments are recommended for people who have run other previous programs and experienced no ill effect.



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