Plasma tube does not light up.

1. There can be many reasons why the tube does not light. You can eliminate many of the reasons by first checking the ultrasonic transmitter. Choose the "JW- Spooky Central Overnight Sweep Low Frequency" Preset and run it, with the front panel selector switch on Spooky Central set to "Slow". If you can hear the ultrasonic transmitter, then most likely something is wrong with either the tube connections or the tube.

Please do the following steps to resolve the problem:

2. Ensure the white cables are kept apart, with no loops. Software settings can also cause problems. We suggest using the Spooky Central presets to guarantee best results.

3. Exit Spooky software. Switch Spooky Central and the generator off. Unplug the generator and white high-voltage wires from Spooky Central. Wait for 5 minutes. This time can be spent untwisting any wires. Give special attention to the white wires going to the plasma tube. These should be straight and as far apart as practical. Finally reconnect and start the generators, software and Spooky Central.

4. Make sure your input and modulation connections are correct. If they are reversed, the tube will not light. Out 1 goes to Input, Out 2 goes to Modulation.

5. If it happens the same when you restart the program, it is highly possible your generator lost communication with Spooky2 software. Restart your generator and Spooky2 software, it will easily solve your problem.

6. Please follow the five suggested notes for using Spooky Central in this blog, which protects your generator from the interference when using Plasma tube:

If above suggestions do not solve your problem.
7. Send us a screenshot to show your Spooky2 software setting.

8. Also send clear photos showing the front & rear panel of Spooky Central so we can check cable connections.

If the all steps above fail to get your plasma tube running, please check this page for further assistance:

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