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Is it OK to run the generator without a computer? Can the generator run on its own? What happens if I turn the computer off?

1. The generators when employed in the role of Rife are designed to be controlled 100% by Spooky2 software and need to be hooked up to a computer to facilitate this.

In this mode, there is no need to touch any of the buttons on the generator.

The generator, being based on standard equipment also used in industrial applications, can be run in standalone mode. However, then you would need to know how to set the generator up using said buttons and is limited as you would have to manually change the frequency each time.

Suggestion is to plug it into a computer and allow the software to take care of all the intricate details of setting the generator up correctly. It will also automate the changing frequencies.

To draw a conclusion, XM can't run without a computer. But Generator X could.

2. When you turn off the computer, the generator will continue to do what it was last told. The program Spooky2, only sends new instructions to the generator when it needs to change something.

For instance, you wish to run frequencies A, B, C, and D, each for 3 minutes.

The generator is told to start and run frequency A. 3 minutes later, spooky tells the generator to switch to frequency B.

However, now you turn the computer off. The generator will continue to transmit frequency B because it has neither been told to move on to frequency C, or told to stop.

The generator has no logic or ability to retain instructions in advance when used with the software.

Also of note, when you turn your machine back on, spooky2 will try to talk to the generator but will fail to do so because the communications channel is now broken.

When spooky2 starts up, it essentially makes a phone call to the generator. When that call is disconnected, it doesn't try calling back until you exit and restart spooky2.

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For more details, please check:

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