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What is the pass through on the Spooky boost panel?

Out 1 has a center pin and a ground. So does Out 2. They share the same power supply.

Out 1 and Out 2 on the boost 2.0 is the same as Out 1 and Out 2 on the generator. Meaning the center pins and the grounds are maintained. These are the pass through connections. It is there so you don't have to pull the boost 2.0 off just to access individual outputs.

The boost 1.0 cable took the center pin from Out 1 and the center pin from Out 2 and combined them into one exit connection.

If you wired it red/red and blue/blue, Out 1's center pin becomes the center pin of the output, and Out 2's center pin becomes the ground.

This is the same as the MN port on the boost 2.0

Wiring the boost 1.0 cable red/blue and blue/red, the effect is the reverse. This is the same as how the BN port is wired.

The CS port is also wired the same way as the BN port (Out 2's center pin is the center pin of the output and Out 1's center pin is the ground), but there is a 10k Ohm resistor wired inline with the feed from Out 2's center pin. This limits current.

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