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How to access/register the forum?

"Spooky2 Forum": http://spooky2.com/forums/

What we require for Membership is a normal human name - this is a first name and a surname, separated by a space. Let me give you some examples:
Echo Lee:
This is correct - it has a first name and surname separated by a space, and this account would be quickly activated.

All of the following Member Names would be rejected and their accounts deleted without notice:

This information about our Member Name requirement is given in bold red capital letters at the top of the registration page, on the Forum page of the Spooky2.com website, and on the public entrance to the Spooky2 Forum.

Deleted Members are free to re-register, but they must comply with our Name requirement or they will be deleted again. If anyone who has supplied a correct Name hasn't heard from us within 12 hours after they register, they should write to admin@spooky2.com so I can investigate the problem.

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    I believe I satisfied the criteria for a correct submission on the application form to join the forum, only to find in the return to me to find Login name "Gordon Gordon Barnes" and then my password. 14 letters

    Not sure how the double names occurred.hence when these names aforementioned were placed in the form the above access was denied, the problem arose when I could not change the login names, the rest is historical, not hysterical

    Regards Gordon Barnes

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