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Does the Spooky Spectrum sweep kill all parasites in all organs including flukes?

Spooky spectrum sweeps run from 0 Hz to 3.2 MHz. This means every frequency up to 3.2 MHz is hit over the course of the entire sweep.

The standard spectrum sweep does two sweeps. The first is as indicated above (0 - 3.2 MHz) and an additional fine grain sweep from 0 - 880,000 Hz.

The Converge sweep does the 0 - 3.2 MHz sweep, and from 3.2 MHz - 0 in reverse. So you hit everything going up and down at least once per program loop.

In theory, everything dies. Good, bad, small, big... it may take a while for the bigger things to die if they are a more complex cell structure.

With that said, you have to maintain good flora health by eating fermented foods or other means.

This is not a go to kill program, as targeted is usually always preferred. However, if you are adding it to targeted programs it can be very helpful.

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