What’s the difference between the Spooky2-XM and the UDB1108S generators?

The original Spooky software was designed to drive the UDB1108S frequency generator - a fine little 8MHz machine, despite one or two minor niggles. Since Spooky was initially released back in early 2013, the team have been in constant contact with its manufacturers with design input for their newest frequency generator.

The result is the vastly superior Spooky 2-XM Generator range. Offering the ability to create brand new waves in software, as well as a host of other highly desirable goodies, it comes in three configurations - 5MHz, 10MHz, and 20MHz.

If you wish to use the generator solely with Spooky^, the Spooky2-5M is the model recommended.

The Spooky2 software drives both the XMs and the UDBs, but many of its important and powerful new features are only enabled if you’re working with the Spooky2-XM generators.

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