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Some people use voltage settings as low as 1 or 2 volts. Isn’t this much too low for a Rife machine?

It is too low if you wish to use Contact Mode with electrodes, which requires a setting of 14-20 volts for cell penetration. But it’s fine for Remote Mode because you only need to penetrate the fingernail in the transmitter, not the entire body.
Using the DNA in the fingernail as targeting information, the Spooky Remote scalar wave transmitter then narrowcasts the signal directly to every cell in the subject’s body that contains DNA.
Two volts was actually found to be the optimum power setting during Spooky’s original development phase.
The original Spooky Remotes were designed for 4 volt operation, and the new vl .1 Spooky Remotes can operate safely at 20 volts without a Herxheimer reaction.

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