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How do I start using Spooky2?

Make sure all your generators are connected to the PC and their power switches are ON - the LCD panel will be lit. Next, launch Spooky2. The software will search for generators connected to the PC. Once all the generators have been detected, the Spooky2 main screen will appear.

A coloured Channel button on the lower portion of the screen will represent each generator found. If you have four generators connected to the PC, you should see four buttons.

If Spooky2 reports that it can find no generators, this indicates that your drivers weren't installed for some reason. In this case, please download the Spooky2 101 User's Guide from here, then consult the section entitled "Installation Issues" to fix this.

We have videos about how to use Spooky2 for first time users, you can check it:
Software running for first time users:

Hardware connection for first time users:

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