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Have you got advice for Cancer treatment?

1. A Spooky user with stage IV peritoneal cancer from colon cancer has had success using Spooky Remote using multiple cancer/ detox combinations. It is very important to stop using the rife machine 24-48 hrs prior to a chemo treatment, and at least 4 days after the last treatment of chemo.

2. Actually cancer is cancer regardless of where it is. It is true that some are harder to get rid of than others. However with one GX you could do what's called a hunt and kill using patches on either side of your lungs for 24/7 and spooky will find the cancer, for sure, and it shouldn't take too long to pending on how severe it is. You'll need to drink a lot of water on running 24/7. If you have some discomfort and doing this you can either turn it off for a time or I just put up with it till it is gone. Personally I would not tell my doctor you're not many of doctors have an understanding of Rife treatment. I would also get a couple of the older generators there inexpensive and I'll bring the cancer programs on them that are in Spooky2.

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    Maire Bree

    Can you give details of the selection she used please?

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