I notice that the photo of Spooky Central shows TWO PEMF coils. Why Spooky2 PEMF coil sold is single coil?

The twin coils in the photo you supplied were not manufactured by us. They are Alleva coils. The field strength is low and the design weak. They are designed to be replaced every 3 months.

We designed the new coil so the Bio-North field always faces the body, and over twice the field strength of the twin coils is being applied in one single coil in a localised area.

There are many commercial devices that use a single coil. Spooky Coil is designed to produce a focussed magnetic field spike, not fully body coverage. Most twin coil machines are designed for healing and regeneration, whereas Spooky Coil is designed to produce a magnetic spike to aid the function of the plasma. This spike is so brief that it hardly deflects the needle of a compass.

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