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Why had not much improvement with cold/flu using Spooky2 Remote?

Why had not much improvement with cold/flu using Spooky2 Remote?

Rifing is all about finding the right frequencies and settings.
If the symptoms aren't relieved then you need to change the programs, the settings, cable positions etc are secondary to running the right frequencies.
Colds can last even when the symptoms are reduced, meaning that some frequencies of the pathogens still aren't being applied, but it is still an improvement if they are damped down.

I would try the following on one generator:
Use InvSawtooth Harmonic waveform, dwell 0.3, Fibonacci 15 step wobble. Use 20V initially & step this down as/when things improve.
Sinus Bacteria (PROV)
One of: Sinusitits Frontalis (CAFL) -- if runny nose; also try Rhinitis (CAFL) --- otherwise, if blocked, use Sinusitis 2 (CAFL)
Out2 = Out1 x 0 + 13916.02 -- Cold & flu frequency (Very useful)

It's probably too late for these; but you could also try on another generator for 24 hrs.
Influenza A
Influenza B1
Influenza B2

After this, you should find that the symptoms "move" and you will then need to go after others.
It may move to the chest, or throat, etc. In this case instead of sinus then use Bronchitis (CAFL) or Strep throat sets.

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