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There are different settings shown in the Morgellons manual than the ones in the preset. For Harmonic type is "Decade" as in presets, but "Octal" in the manual. Also, the preset has it as Out 1 = 0 x 0 + 0 Hz but the manual shows Out 1 = 0 x 1 + 12 Hz.

The Morgellons protocol is setup so that it does not use the Harmonic Type. So whether this was Decade or Octal, it did not make a difference to the programs.

As for the rest, it is using inverse+sync for Out 2, which means that the other setting you reference also does not make a difference to the programs.

When you load up JW - Healing (Remote) you do need to make some adjustments however, which do affect the programs.

1. The amplitude needs to be set to 5v
2. The Repeat Programs needs to be set to 120
3. The Dwell Multiplier needs to be set to .35 (that's 0.35).

If you did the above three, you are doing well.
Some of the programs will specify additional changes, like adding a spectrum of .02% to the square wave. Please evaluate each box and row as you go.

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