Would the Johann Stegmann treatment be a good protocol to use for Motor Neurone disease? Do you have any evidence of success with such a serious condition?

1. We have Spooky2 users post their experience about how to treat Motor Neurone disease, you can check below link to learn detailed:

Here is the testimonials page from Spooky2 users, please check:

2. The lyme and morgellons protocol seemed to eliminate whatever pathogen that was causing it could be coincidence or not doesn't matter I'm better and arm is better I continue to go through L&M protocol 3 times now and continue to improve.

3.A search of the internet indicates that gut microbiome (gut bacteria) is more and more thought to be involved in motor neurone, ALS, and Parkinsons.

So, there's a lot Spooky can do; but diet, and probiotics like Kefir, would probably help.
Gut bacteria also thought to contribute to various other autoimmune conditions.

P.S. An enlightened GP, on TV last night, recommended eating a 'rainbow diet' of as many coloured fruit and vegetables as possible and, best of all, eat two apples every day.

The program featured an overweight boy, whose weight problem was solely caused (various tests showed) by bad gut bacteria.

An ancient retrovirus - HERV -K is also thought to be involved, and a key trigger.

The range of viruses in the database and ML protocol is huge, and there is one HERV entry - it's a human endogenous virus.

I looked it up and it did appear in one of my scans (ML 6) - frequency 419.4.

For more details, please check the link:

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