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How can I run two programs together in contact mode? Can you run 2 or more generators on remote?

You could select whichever generator you wish to run via contact and the other would be on remote.

Typically one will use the generator targeting pathogens via contact for one application of the killing frequency sets, then switch to remote mode for the rest of the day.

It is not advised to try and run both generators via contact mode at the same time. You could however, then switch over and do one application of the detox via contact, and then switch over to remote mode for the rest of the day.

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Most of the time, one will run a 4 generator setup in remote mode, and only opt for contact mode for serious conditions. A good way to do this is to just use one generator to target the frequency sets via contact mode for the day, then return it to remote mode afterwards.

I'm on 4 channels via Remote - you are good! In the beginning, you may need breaks if you get a headache, but your body builds tolerance to the frequency and then you can run many channels at once.

Yes, you can run two different remote programs and it is advisable to run something that will eradicate pathogens and parasites and then use a detox or healing preset on the other remote. It is advisable to run at a slight offset if you run the same preset for one person (or set of persons) so that you are not doubling up which could cause frequency fatigue.

Yes, you can do that. In fact, it is recommended to do killing and detoxing programs at the same time from two different generators, since detoxing program will help you clean the body from the dead pathogens. Some people also run organ support programs at the same time. You can also run different healing or killing programs at the same time too.

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