Do you have some experience in the fight against chlamydia and EBV virus?

1. I would start with using black top remote with JW-killing and chlamydia and EBV virus. Loop that for a day and then next day I would use white top remote and JW-Healing and detox frequencies that looked relevant and loop that for a day. Then do black top remote with JW-Killing and do spooky spectrum sweep one day. Next day detox the body and then do spooky pulse and use those frequencies. Going back and forth from BN to MN remotes.

2. Some people do use contact all night. Be careful initially so you don't herx. excessively, but sure, experiment with this.

You can run pain programs, or you can run Chlamydia infection programs, etc. Killing programs often cause more herx, rather than Healing programs are far less herxing than the killing.

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