What is the frequency range of Spooky2 XM generator? What is the max limit of Spooky2-XM generator when using software? Is it 25Mhz?

Spooky2 and the XM generator can address frequencies directly from 0.0001 Hz to 25 MHz. After 25 MHz you loose both power and accuracy. Power loss is due to the generator's switching speed. I know there's a better way to explain this but I'm currently at a loss for the right words.

Accuracy is also effected by the above. You will see the waveform distort on an oscilloscope when you push the frequency over 25 MHz using the arbitrary waveform technique.

The remotes can take the frequency input directly, as can the contact methods.

Spooky Central has a range from 100kHz to 3.5MHz at a minimum, but frequency calculations are done by Spooky2 on the fly.

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