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Very important for MOR work, how do I apply the 11th harmonic systemically on a set of frequencies for Spooky Central or programs in general.

We have found that the 11th harmonic is not necessary for treatments to be successful. Researchers working with Anthony Holland requested a retraction statement subsequent to the Ted Talk speech.
Out 2 can be set to always be 11 times the frequency of Out 1 using 2 methods. Please refer to page 84 of the User's Guide. Set Out 2 = Out 1 x 11 + 0 Hz. If your hardware does not modulate you can do this in your waveform by selecting F2 = F1 x 11 Hz on the bottom left of the screen. Choose Modulate F1 using F1 (AM DSB). Don't forget to tick the checkbox to the left to enable this modulation.

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