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Why No Spooky Pulse Detected - Spooky2 Pulse was not detected on your system. Results will be invalid and not saved?

Couple things to check:
1. Plug directly into a computer port if you are using a hub. Hubs add latency which is an issue for the pulse.

2. Ensure that it was plugged in before starting Spooky2 and that it is detected and listed in the devices box found in the advanced menu.

3. If both above does not work, then try swapping the cable that connects the pulse to the computer with the mini USB connector that came in the box or you might have one with a camera.

When you plug it in the green led should light and red will flash once.
In Device manager it is an HID (Human Interface Device), you can also run USBview.exe from Spooky or direct from the Spooky2 directory. This will show what is connected. There are no drivers required for HID devices.

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