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Can I have a Remote BN and a Remote MN on the same boost?

1. For Boost 2.0:

It is not recommended to have both plugged in at this time. However, there are those that are experimenting with just that configuration.

Be aware that when you plug more than one thing into the Boost 2.0, that the voltage is shared among the connections.

So two Remotes would no longer be boosted, but as if you wired them into each output directly - the only difference is that you would be able to mix both outputs together to both Remotes.

That and you would have one of each type. You do not want to plug a white (BN) Remote into the MN port.


For more details, please check:

2. Only one device at a time on a Spooky2 Boost 2.0, even though you have 5 ports.

When you have more than one device wired to the Boost, power has to be split between them.

The only supported use of two remotes at this time is one remote wired directly to each output of the generator - that is one to Out 1 and one to Out 2.

The use of Out 1 and Out 2 on the Boost 2.0 is OK as well, given that these are pass-through connections, but once you connect to another port, these 2 ports will also have to share power.

For more details, please check:

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