What is the lowest voltage setting when using remotes and still perform properly?

Maximum amplitude: +- 20 volts
Minimum amplitude: +- 1.8 volts
Optimum amplitude: +- 4.5 volts
Minimum Frequency: 0 Hz (DC)
Maximum Frequency: 20 MHz (greater with a low impedance source)
Solder type: Lead free
DNA slot size: 3.0 mm
Connector Type: BNC 50 ohm

If using a boost cable, then you can set the amplitude to 1.8v and still achieve the min requirement per the specifications. However, if wired directly, recommend 4v to achieve +-2v.

Personally I use 5, 10 and 20v depending on what I'm doing and what waveform I'm using. I'm starting to like lower voltage a lot more than 20v.

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