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After trying to add the frequencies I am now getting this error message: c:\spooky2\custom.csv has the invalid line "doug frequencies 29/12/2015, cust,,"," 82822. Any method?

There are two methods to fix this. I'll try posting both methods and let you decide which you prefer.

Method 1:
1. Open the file c:\spooky2\custom.csv with notepad.exe
Do not use excel as this may convert the file format and ruin the file.
2. Find the line you wish to remove and delete.
3. Save and then reload into spooky2 by going to Database, Refresh Database
Suggest making a backup copy of the custom.csv file prior to editing.

Method 2: Use the built in database editor of spooky2.

1. Using the menu, select Database, Edit Custom Database


2. A window will appear that looks like this. Find the record you wish to remove and highlight.

3.Once the record you wish to remove is highlighted, go to Edit, Delete Record(s).

4.Repeat for each record you wish to get rid of. Once you are done, go to File, Save. Otherwise the changes may not be permanent.

5.Exit the database editor and then you will need to refresh spooky2 with the changes.
Select Database, Refresh Database to reload the files without having to exit and restart spooky2.

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