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Does anyone know anything about using frequencies in removing lead?

1. As for frequencies to help in this process, consider running the Terrain Protocol. It can be found in two places.

Appendix A of the user guide.

Phase 1 of the Morgellons protocol -- this version is more comprehensive.

If you search for lead in the database, there are additional sets you may wish to try.

2. I would detox all metals and chemicals, maybe using the first Lyme and morgellons protocol. We seldom have one heavy metal/chemical. Maybe do a Graded Scan, adding lead to chemicals and heavy metals, and see what comes up.

According to my Health mag the most effective and safest way to get metals out of one's body is by using IMD Silica.

3. Take organic sulphur and or chlorella as a binder help get it out faster

For more details, please check the link:

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