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Do you have you configuration setting that I can do for searching reproducibility for leaky gut or dormant herpes zoster?

The frequencies you are running are very low. Most viruses have much higher frequencies. I suggest you monitor your maximum BPM and have a sweep for frequencies above 70 kHz. In this way you will be closer to the fundamental frequency of the viruses causing the damage. At these higher frequencies you can safely set Spooky to the full 20 volts. Perhaps 10 volts is not enough. Another point is your step size. Royal Rife maintained that the frequency must be within 0.025% to work. This corresponds to a step size of 1.25 Hz. Your step size was 10 Hz. No wonder the correct frequency was not hit.
There is nothing wrong with using harmonics to reduce your scan time. If you use a waveform with multiple waveforms, keep a record of the settings and duplicate these for the treatment.

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