Does Spooky Remote work at the same efficiency no matter how far away the person is to the generator?

Yes. Distance is irrelevant. We live in Texas, USA and was able to treat someone in the Philippines. There should be no problem treating your grandfather in Ontario.

Distance of electromagnetic waves (radio) traveling is limited to the power of the transmitter. Scalar waves, used in Spooky remote, have no limit as far as we know, or at least they cover the whole Earth.

Scalar energy is an integral part of the structure of the universe. It's inside you and me, planets and stars - everywhere - and Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, described it as a conscious and intelligent mind. When you input a signal to it, that signal instantaneously exists everywhere in the universe, unattenuated.

There's no space or time involved because there's no conventional transmission involved. Only connect - and you're everywhere instantly.

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