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Does Spooky2 work like a zapper?

No, although it can if you wish. Spooky2 was designed to function as a Rife machine. Most zappers work by mixing together a number of set frequencies that can't be changed by the user. Others, like Spooky2 in zapper mode, use a fixed frequency, a prescribed voltage of 9–9.5 volts, 100% Offset, a square wave, and prescribed frequency durations followed by set rest periods. As a result, a very large range of harmonics is produced, not all of them good for you. Long-term use of any zapper may damage the beneficial flora, just as a broad-spectrum antibiotic kills all bacteria – friendly ones included. This is true also of the Spooky Spectrum-type sweeps. When running these sweeps, or using Spooky2 in zapper mode, we strongly recommend that you replenish beneficial micro flora with live natural foods rather than factory-made supplements. Best for this are homemade kefir, kimchi, pickles, or any fermented foods. King of them all is sauerkraut – two tablespoons daily. Remember, friendly flora constitute up to 70% of the immune system. So please keep them topped up. When not being used as a zapper, Spooky2, like all Rife machines, allows exact selection of the frequencies required.

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