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What are the differences between Spooky2 and GB4000? Why is the GB4000 + MOPA so expensive?

Spooky2 hardware is sold at cost, and the software is free. It is done by volunteers.

Features the XM generator has which are sorely lacking in the GB4000 include:
- User definable waveforms, all able to run at RF.
- Better database.
- Vastly superior user interface.
- Spectrum waveform and sweeps that produce over 200 frequencies simultaneously, all up to 5 MHz each.
- Continuous development with free software upgrades forever.
- Cheap accessories.
- Dedicated development team.
- Biofeedback option.
- Spooky Central has the function of plasma, Ultrasonic, PEMF coils and powerful contact.
- Spooky is more portable.
- Spooky is controlled by software on the laptop, it's much easier to operate and change programs.

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