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What’s the difference between a Spooky Spectrum Sweep and a Spooky Converge Sweep? What do they each do?

A Spectrum Sweep outputs multiple simultaneous frequencies by generating a sweep on each output. The sweep on Out 1 ascends from 0Hz to 3.2MHz, and the one on Out 2 proceeds from 0Hz to 800,000Hz. This smaller range is very finegrained and targets the waveband where most pathogens live.

The Converge Sweep combines two simultaneous Spectrum Sweeps, both sweeping in opposite directions simultaneously. Converge Sweeps prevent pathogens from becoming accustomed to a generic frequency sweep by attacking the pathogen from both sides.

Out1 outputs the same on both sweeps, but in converge sweep Out2 runs the same range but backwards, and in spectrum sweep, Out2 only goes through the first quarter of the entire range, focusing only on that quarter.

My experience is that those two sweeps need more than 6 or 7 days to work, so best used when there is no need for high speed results. Other members have got quicker results though.

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