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Can Spooky2 kill demodex mites?

Yes. There are programs targeting demodex mites. Spooky2 Plasma is excellent at killing these mites.

1. I’m dealing with the same issues. I had to cut out meat and dairy. I had to stop drinking 5-hour energy or anything with Vitamin B-12. B-12 seems to really feed the mites. I took it one night at the recommendation of an "expert". The next morning I had 15 new breakouts on my face.

I started to a scan for mites in the 682,000 to 878,000 range. I had hundreds of hits. I’m almost done running those frequencies. I run them over and over until the hits no longer show up. After I get the mites taken care of, I will run the bacteria frequencies, since that is what’s causing my breakouts.

2. I really started seeing great results a few days ago when I started applying Tea Tree oil to my skin and colloidal silver. However, I have to be careful with the silver, I don’t want to overdose on it. The other day I took niacin for a flush to open my pores, then I used hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria. Next, I used The colloidal silver and tea tree oil to kill mites on contact. My skin inflammation has really gone down, my "pimples" caused by the mites/bacteria are gone. My inflammation is almost gone and my skin is returning to a nice brown color.

3. Do a BFB scan and look through the reverse lookup of the results to find the frequencies that list mites. Write those frequencies down then, remove all the other frequencies and save the mite freqs. Run those with the Plasma and that should do the trick. There are many types of mites and they are often tough to kill. Running all those other frequencies and their equivalent harmonic (octave) frequencies which are less effective, will probably just piss them off like what you said.

4. Could be Morgellons as well. I'd run the Lyme&Morgellons protocol. I was told that it may be fungus on the skin that attracts those mites or whatever they are and that protocol is very thorough. I also put samples in paper/masking tape into a remote and put it on HC converge sweep jk under frequency sweeps, Remote. Keep adding what you can catch. All with the same DNA will be killed.

5. You could also try essential oil frequencies mustard and clove. I had an issue pre-Spooky2 ownership that I eventually concluded was mites. I created a topical cream with a coconut oil base and added ground mustard from the spice rack and essential oil from cloves. The clove oil kills the eggs and the mustard the adults. It was super effective and believe me I had already tried many commercial creams targeting fungus, bacteria, and skin inflammation in general.

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