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What is the recommended setting for contact mode running frequencies? Does it make a difference if it’s not set at 9.5v?

Dr. Hulda Clark developed the KHZ and HC sets. The settings she generally recommended were a square wave, 9.5 volts, and a 100% positive offset. Despite the fact that the technology she was constrained to use was fairly crude and had to be battery-powered, the results she achieved were pretty spectacular.

However, there were a number of problems. The main one was that the voltage was too low to penetrate to the inside surfaces of hollow organs. She solved this by inventing plate-zapping, for which you had to purchase an additional piece of equipment. Today, there are other ways to achieve the same thing, particularly with Spooky2.

First, you can increase the voltage from 9.5 all the way up to 20 - but for healing Programs with low frequencies, this is generally too uncomfortable for most people, so the recommended level is 14.

Another strategy is to keep the audio frequency voltage low enough for comfort on Out 1 but use a higher voltage radio-band carrier on Out 2. This can be static or dynamic (dynamic is recommended).

A third option is to transpose the low frequencies higher so that they don't "bite." Depending on the values of the frequencies I want to use, I generally use a Frequency Multiplier of 64, and I've had successes with this, even in Remote Mode. Another value I'm about to start playing with is 4096. My intuition tells me that there's something special about this number. It can be written as 16x16x16 (a cube), or as 64x64 (the cube of 8 squared).

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